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Schwab Award

Roy Schwab Award

Each district of the IBA has its own solo competition, the six district winners compete in Des Moines in May for the prestigious Major Landers scholarship given by the IBA. Applicants must be a student at an Iowa high school and must plan on majoring in music education at an Iowa college or university. The competition includes performance of a solo, knowledge of common music terminology, performance of scales, writing of scales, knowledge of the simple elements of harmony, understanding of simple transposition relative to band instruments, knowledge of alternate fingerings of the student’s instrument and sightreading. Cash prizes are given at both the IBA and NEIBA levels.

The NEIBA competition is dedicated to the memory of Roy Schwab (1897-1965), a Northeast Iowa band director with a truly remarkable career. Mr. Schwab was born in 1897 in Oxford Junction, Iowa and played cornet in the Oxford Junction town Band while in school. After studying music at Grand River Institute in Austinburg, Ohio, under teachers from the Oberlin Conservatory, he then retuned to Iowa and settled in Springville. He originated the Springville School Band in 1927 and soon began to enjoy success at contests. In order for a band to advance to the state contest level, it had to receive a ‘I’ rating at both regional and district contests. The Springville Band received a ‘I’ rating at the state contest in 1934, the first of fourteen consecutive ‘I’ ratings. During the depression, few schools could afford a full-time band director. Mr. Schwab divided his time between two, or sometimes, three schools with excellent results. He led the Maquoketa band to eleven consecutive ‘I’ ratings at state contest under those conditions. What must have been the pinnacle of his amazing career was the ‘I’ rating awarded the Springville band at the National Contest in 1939. Mr. Schwab was inducted into the IBA Hall of Fame of Deceased Members at the May 1990 IBA State Convention.

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